Get Hip to Hip Health Women’s Health Expert Shares Tips on L

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Get Hip to Hip Health Women's … [Read more...]

Family Health History Part I: Why is it important?

Many health problems have a genetic component to it. Yet, many of us never look back at our past for lessons for the future. Until health history repeats itself. Take me, for example. I was quite ill … [Read more...]

Get Hip to Hip Health Women’s Health Expert Shares Tips on L

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Get Hip to Hip Health Women's … [Read more...]

Male breast cancer: risks and perceptions of family members

In another tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we tackle a type of breast cancer that is rare but equally dangerous - male breast cancer. Men do get breast cancer, too. Male breast cancer may … [Read more...]

Family history of breast cancer? There’s something you can do to reduce your risk!

It is Pink October, a month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. In the next 2 weeks, Battling Cancer will focus on the latest news on breast cancer. There is no denying the genetic component of … [Read more...]

Diabetes updates: what ups or lowers your risk

Today, I am bring some diabetes updates on what increases or decreases our chances to develop diabetes. Heading off diabetes Researcher David Nathan of Massachusetts General Hospital Believes … [Read more...]

Your barbecue and pancreatic cancer

How do you like your meat? Rare or well-done? The barbecue season has opened in many parts of the world. And meat is the staple of most barbecues. Meat that is well-done, sometimes even slightly … [Read more...]

Cancer disparity: your ethnicity and your risk

Next week is US National Minority Cancer Awareness Week. You may be wondering why should there be a week specially dedicated to cancer among ethnic minorities. This special week has been observed … [Read more...]

Traffic exposure can trigger a heart attack

We are exposed to traffic everyday, whether as a commuter or as a driver. Some of us are even exposed as part of our jobs, e.g. as traffic policemen, bus drivers, tec. This post explores the link … [Read more...]

How anger and hostility affect your heart health

Negative feelings can have adverse effects on your cardiovascular health. We know that depression and stress are not good for the health. But what about anger and hostility? In many films we see, … [Read more...]

The birth size – breast cancer link

Do you know that your size at birth may actually tell you whether you are susceptible to breast cancer later in life? Yes, new findings showed that birth size, particularly birth length, may be … [Read more...]

Does your waistline predict your risk for heart disease?

If you are female and have a waistline circumference measuring 35 inches (about 89 cm), then you are advised to have a detailed risk assessment of your cardiovascular health. This is according to Dr. … [Read more...]

Carcinoid Cancer

Carcinoid Cancer as defined by the American Cancer Society: "carcinoid tumors or carcinoids: tumors that develop from neuroendocrine cells, usually in the digestive tract, lung, or ovary. The cancer … [Read more...]

Stroke rates: Europe wins over US

When it comes to stroke rates, Europeans are way better off than Americans, according to a Dutch study. The researchers looked at data from 2004 on 13,667 Americans and 30,120 Europeans from 11 … [Read more...]

The Ovarian Cancer Battle

Ovaries are the small almond shaped glands that attach to the uterus via the fallopian tubes. They produce eggs and hormones. According to the American Cancer Society, a woman's risk of getting … [Read more...]

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer will be diagnosed in more than 11,000 women in the U.S. in 2008 and more than 3,000 women will die of the disease this year. Worldwide it is third leading cause of cancer death in … [Read more...]

Testicular Cancer Awareness Week

Testicular Cancer Awareness Week April 1-7, 2008 "There will be about 8,090 new cases of testicular cancer in the United States in 2008. About 380 men will die of the disease in 2008. A man's … [Read more...]

Playing the Numbers

Battling Cancer isn't just about the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It's also about education and prevention for everyone. Why? Because according to statistics provided by the American Cancer … [Read more...]

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