Think Cocaine is Glamorous? Think Again…

Cocaine carries with it a certain mystique. Glamorized in movies and once considered “the caviar of street drugs,” cocaine is experiencing a surge in popularity, especially among women. According to a … [Read more...]

Ask The Experts – How Should You Exercise with Only 20 Minutes: ExerciseTV Trainer Holly Perkins: Fitness 360

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Healthy Eating Tips Part 1: Nutrition Education and Servings

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Stroke patients: the years after

Over the years, the methods in stroke treatment, management and rehabilitation have greatly advanced. However, there is very little data available on the outcomes of stroke victims, years after … [Read more...]

Sobriety Requires Surrender

Obstacles to lasting sobriety What is it, that enables certain alcoholics and addicts to thrive in recovery, while others struggle for years – unable to establish any meaningful sobriety? Anyone … [Read more...]

Your marriage and your breast cancer recovery

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is one of the most devastating experiences that women may have to go through. Cancer treatment will further put them through physical and emotional distress so that … [Read more...]

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