Recipe for Life Biscuits and Fried Apples

Okay, we are going southern this week. I got this recipe from a cookbook called, the Ethnic Vegetarian by Angela Shelf Medearis. The original recipe comes from the southern section of the book. Of … [Read more...]

Recipe for Life – Brown Rice and Vegetable Stir Fry

If you are in the caregiving sandwich. That place, where you have children to care for and are the primary caregiver for an elderly person, then you know stress. Balancing life with children is … [Read more...]

Recipe For Life – The Absolutely Amazing Apple

Apples have long been touted as a wonder food. Remember the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” That may not be far from the truth. I hope as you battle the monster, Alzheimer's … [Read more...]

A Recipe For Life — Zucchini Grinders

Hola! From Chile' Yes, I am sharing this Recipe for Life all the way from South America, at least I was there when I first wrote it, but technology (or lack thereof), made it impossible for me to … [Read more...]

Why I Write a Recipe For Life

I suppose it's a little backwards, but I want to take a moment to explain WHY I take a day each week to give recipes. It might seem a little out of place, given that this is a site dedicated to … [Read more...]

Recipe for Life-Black Bean and Corn Salad

My goal for this weeks Recipe for Life, in addition to the standard goal of providing you with meal ideas that are simple, inexpensive and healthy, is to avoid the heat of the stove as much as … [Read more...]

Recipe for Life–Spinach Salad with a Twist!

It's Thursday, that means it's time for a Recipe for LIFE. one that is simple to prepare, inexpensive and healthy. In honor of summer, I'm giving you a salad recipe. I made it over the weekend and … [Read more...]

Recipe For Life

Every Thursday I give you a recipe. My self imposed rule is that the recipe must be inexpensive. It must be simple and it must be healthy. I suppose it should go without saying that the recipe must … [Read more...]

Recipe For Life

Okay, I admit it. Thursday is one of my favorite days. I really enjoy finding recipes and sharing them with you. Yes, it does add a challenge when the parameters of healthy, inexpensive and simple … [Read more...]

A Recipe For Life

Well, it’s that time again. Time for A Recipe For Life. My goal, as always, is to provide you with delicious recipes that are healthy, inexpensive and simple. It used to be that the healthy part was … [Read more...]

Recipe For Life

It's Thursday and that means its Recipe for Life day.  Because I know firsthand how difficult it can be for caregivers to eat properly and care for themselves, once a week, I share a healthy recipe … [Read more...]

A Recipe For Life

Good health and nutrition gets trickier as people age. Throw in a measure of Alzheimer's disease and you may have a larger challenge to face. The recipes in this section, A Recipe for Life, are … [Read more...]

A Recipe For Life

Recipe for Life--  "Recipe" will focus on various aspects of nutrition and health that will be helpful to caregivers, those affected with Alzheimer's disease and everyone in between.  A well balanced … [Read more...]

Introducing A Recipe For Life

If we were to play a word association game and I said, "Alzheimer's disease" what words would come to your mind?  Well, I am not a mind reader, so I can't say for sure what you would say, but I am … [Read more...]

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