Recession obesity: getting fat during lean times

Ever heard of recession obesity? It is getting fat during lean times. This is mainly due to the fact that people tend to cut back on the essential and healthy things (see previous post) during … [Read more...]

Recession: are we putting our health on hold?

It's lean times due to the current recession. Yet, instead of all losing all those excess fat, more and more people are actually gaining weight! This video at ABC news presents results of a survey … [Read more...]

How to keep your heart healthy in a recession

Recession then depression. It can really break your heart. It has happened before and it's happening again. People are down and depressed and some are even committing suicide. But recession and … [Read more...]

Keeping fit in a sick economy

These are tough times. The economy is sick. But that doesn't mean to say we should let our body get sick. Here are some tips to keep our heart strong and our body fit in the face of the current … [Read more...]

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