Scott Norton Inspirational Video

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Airport scanners are safe but you have the right to say no!

While travelling last December – January from the northern to the southern hemisphere, I and my family must have gone through at least 10 different security check points. I don’t think we ever went … [Read more...]

Beware of radiation overdose

First of all, this is not meant to scare you. This is simply to make you aware. Through the use of radiation, imaging techniques have greatly helped diagnostic medicine in saving lives. Through … [Read more...]

Radiation exposure linked to CVD risk

When we talk about the A-Bomb, what comes to mind is exposure to high doses of radiation and cancer. The event occurred almost 65 years ago but new reports about its after effects continue to appear, … [Read more...]

CT scans and cancer risk

Over the years, the diagnostic technique of CT, short for computed tomography imaging, has enabled doctors to detect tumors and save lives. The CT technique uses special x-ray equipment in order to … [Read more...]

Cell phones with the least and most radiation

A few months back, I posted several articles on the link between phone radiation and brain cancer risk. Those reviews presented the results of studies with inconclusive and sometimes contradictory … [Read more...]

Radiation Treatment Option for Breast Cancer

Radiation therapy remains one of the most common tools for breast cancer treatment, but it has been refined considerably over the years. Radiation therapy comes in two basic types: internal or … [Read more...]

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