Is this your year to quit?

So what if it’s already February. That doesn’t mean that I can’t start my New Year’s resolutions now. Or you for that matter. Especially when the resolution is for our health. Besides, the Lunar Year … [Read more...]

Still smoking after a heart attack?

Smoking is a risk factor for heart disease. That we know. But the how cigarette smoking actually affects survival and longevity of those who already have heart disease hasn’t been fully explored. This … [Read more...]

Quitting for a good reason, quitting for family

There are those who managed to quit and there are those who can’t just leave it alone. The US President Obama is rumoured to still succumb to the nicotine urge every now and then. However, there are … [Read more...]

Do drug addiction treatment programs work?

European countries are the frontrunners when it comes to drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs. This is due to the fact that in Europe, drug addiction is considered an illness whereas … [Read more...]

Those who smoke together can quit together

Does an extensive social network help in quitting? Apparently yes, according to a study partially supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Smokers are known to have flocking behavior and … [Read more...]

Quitting smoking benefits your blood vessels – fast

This good news is according to researchers who studied 104,519 women as part of the Nurses' Health Study for over 16 years (1980 to 2004). Participants in the study were categorized based on their … [Read more...]

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