It’s Not Just for Youngsters: The Pleasures and Benefits of Sex after 60

As the number of active and energetic people over the age of 60 continues to increase, it is natural for these older individuals to want to continue to enjoy the intimate physical relationships that … [Read more...]

Long life versus healthy life: which one would you choose?

Celebrating someone's 80th birthday has become normal.  Progress in medicine has made it possible to prevent man from dying from diseases, but not from freeing man from diseases. On the contrary the … [Read more...]

Life as an adult with disability: results of the Easter Seals study

Walking, seeing, hearing, speaking. These are things we do every day without even thinking. These are things that we take for granted. But there are people out there for whom taking a short flight of … [Read more...]

Tai chai benefits heart failure patients

Patients with heart failure cannot perform the physical exercise their body needs. Luckily, there are alternative forms of exercise which are low-intensity that cater not only to the patient’s … [Read more...]

Breaking the taboo: docs should talk about sex to post heart attack patients

Many people are lucky to survive a heart attack (myocardial infarction, MI for short) and undergo successful rehabilitation. However, the experience has a great impact on the quality of life of … [Read more...]

Quality of life for the terminally ill: Sen Ted Kennedy’s example

What would you do if you have less than a year to live?  This is a difficult question that many of us hope we don’t have to answer anytime soon. Terminal conditions such as cancer are difficult to … [Read more...]

Quality of life after a heart attack

Because of advances in medical science, prognosis for coronary heart patients is now better than ever. Better treatment, better survival rates and better life expectancy. However, though these … [Read more...]

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