Help! Fresh Air Needed for Children

A plant needs water, sunlight, and fresh air in order to grow. So does a child. However, children who live in big cities seldom have the space, much less the fresh air they need. The latest … [Read more...]

Parental stress and children’s asthma

It is a well-known fact that asthma attacks are triggered by air pollution, especially among children. A recent study by researchers at the University of California shows that another factor … [Read more...]

Traffic exposure can trigger a heart attack

We are exposed to traffic everyday, whether as a commuter or as a driver. Some of us are even exposed as part of our jobs, e.g. as traffic policemen, bus drivers, tec. This post explores the link … [Read more...]

Dust in the wind: air pollution and cardiovascular health Part I

Resource post for February The level of air pollution is increasing globally. While developed countries are trying to curb air pollution through laws and regulations, many low- and middle income … [Read more...]

CVD weekend news watch, September 19

Due to some technical problems, I couldn't bring you a news round up last week. But I have some for you this week. Happy reading. CVD pollution watch Air pollution can hinder heart's electrical … [Read more...]

CVD News Watch for the Weekend August 15

Looking forward to your second Olympics weekend? Be aware, though, that watching stressful sports events might just not be good for your heart. Happy reading! CVD healthcare watch Coronary CTA costs … [Read more...]

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