Being active this winter Part II: There’s more you can do!

Hibernating in the winter time is natural. Animals do that all the time. I can understand why we tend to be very slow come winter, why our bed seems to be the coziest place in the world. The bears and … [Read more...]

How yoga helps prevent cancer

Once again, when the going gets really tough, we turn to age-old therapies. And most of them work, too. Take yoga, for example. The physical and mental benefits of yoga have been demonstrated time and … [Read more...]

The benefits of walking to school

School has just started in many parts of the western world. Since my kids joined the Swiss public school system last year, they’ve been walking to school on their own. School is just a 5-minute … [Read more...]

Lose Weight with These Fat Burning Foods

Many Americans are waging a personal war against obesity which continues as a leading threat to the overall health and well being of millions. Obesity contributes to a twofold increase in the risk of … [Read more...]

Kids should get moving to get rid of fat

Childhood obesity is on the rise. And researchers are scrambling to find out what are the mechanisms behind the epidemic and what can we do to control it. Health experts believe that that poor … [Read more...]

Have an active summer (despite the heat!)

Resource post for the summer Summer, summer, here it comes. School vacation has started. Warm days and warm nights. The summer heat can have an effect on your cardiovascular health. According to the … [Read more...]

Fighting depression with exercise

Many children and adolescents suffer from clinical depression. That is why experts have recently come up with guidelines that recommended routine screening for depression in the younger segment of the … [Read more...]

A therapy to get osteoarthritis patients moving

Physical exercise is essential in maintaining joint health and in managing symptoms of osteoarthritis. But it doesn't feel like it, as many arthritis patients would attest, making performance of … [Read more...]

Exercise makes the heart grow younger

As we grow older, our body and its organs deteriorate. Including our heart. Now, is there in any way that we can slow down, even reverse our heart's aging process? Researchers at the Washington … [Read more...]

Preventing hypertension: Start `em young

When it comes to prevention, starting early - and I mean early in life - is important. Childhood blood pressure (BP) tracks throughout life. This means that elevated BP at childhood is most likely to … [Read more...]

Brain Games and Other Activities

This post discusses brain games and other activities that may delay the onset and reduce the impact of Alzheimer's disease and dementias I want to say off the bat that I am quite familiar with … [Read more...]

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