Rockstar Health & Fitness – Episode 7 ft. Kim Glass

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Skee.TV presents … [Read more...]

The Olympic diet: what do athletes eat?

We all know that our diet is a key factor to being and keeping healthy. It is the food we eat that provides us the energy to perform our daily activities - it is what keeps our heart pumping. Now, we … [Read more...]

July Olympic Resource Post: A tribute to athletes battling heart disease

Many of us look to up to successful sports people and we can't really imagine that some of them may also be fighting against heart disease like the rest of us. After all, physical exercise is … [Read more...]

Olympics Special: Athletes screening using ECG

The Summer Olympic Games in Beijing have just started. What better way to start this week than talk about athletes' heart rates? There are certain tests that professional athletes have to go through … [Read more...]

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