Heart(y) News, Dec 10: Medical Devices Updates

Phone it in: Remote monitoring could offer peace of mind for patients with "recalled" ICD leads What a bummer when the implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) inside you and is supposed to … [Read more...]

Health care updates, Nov 19

Vaccine for Ear Infections Ear infections are common among babies and little children and some of these infections are caused by pneumococcal bacteria. Scientists have developed a vaccine that is … [Read more...]

Diabetes News, Nov 5: Lifestyle interventions for diabetes

In observance of the National Diabetes Month in the US, we bring you the latest  diabetes updates. Fruit and vegetable intake and incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus: systematic review and … [Read more...]

Health care news, October 15

October 10 was World Mental Health Day This year’s theme is “a continuation of the one on integration of physical and mental health from last year, with a specific focus on the relationship of mental … [Read more...]

Cancer in the headlines, September 17

Medical summit to focus on pediatric cancer fight‎ The bipartisan Congressional Pediatric Cancer Caucus was founded last year and convened this week, Sept. 16, in Washington for the Childhood Cancer … [Read more...]

Obesity updates: mostly bad news for anti-obesity drugs

Today, I am bringing you the latest research updates on drugs for obesity. Unfortunately, it is not all good news. New research finds no evidence that popular slimming supplements facilitate … [Read more...]

Health care updates, August 20

CDC Expert Commentary: Could You Treat 270 Patients in Two and a Half Hours? In a recent commentary on Medscapre, Dr. Richard C. Hunt, the director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) … [Read more...]

Health care updates, July 16

Contraceptive Use: New Clinical Guidance From the CDC The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recent issued new guidelines on the use of contraceotives. The gudeilnes are basically … [Read more...]

Heart(y) news, July 2

FDA reviews olmesartan safety record, cites CV deaths in trials Here is another safety issue regarding angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). Or at least one of them. Olmesartan (marketed in the US … [Read more...]

Heart(y) news, June 25

EMEA to review ARBs and cancer, infuriating experts, who point to missing data and adverse consequences A few days ago, I posted a piece on blood pressure pills angiotensin-receptor blockers (ARBs) … [Read more...]

Cancer in the headlines, June 18

Take the Cancer Risk Check online at MD Anderson What is your likelihood of getting cancer. Calculate your cancer risk online using the MD Anderson Cancer Risk Check. It checks for a woman’s risk for … [Read more...]

Healthcare updates, June 18

Men’s Health Week: AHRQ and Ad Council Encourage Men To Take Preventive Steps in Their Health Care For most men, health usually takes the back seat. They lag behind women when it comes to taking care … [Read more...]

Cancer in the headlines: cancer drug updates, June 11

Popular cancer drug can cause kidney damage The drug bevacizumab is an anti-VEGF agent widely used in tumor treatments. Recent data however reveals that the cancer drug causes proteinuria (loss of … [Read more...]

Cancer in the headlines, June 4: breast cancer news

Peaches, plums induce deliciously promising death of breast cancer cells What do peaches and plums have in common aside from being yummy? They are great as cancer cell fighters! Researchers at Texas … [Read more...]

Health care updates, June 4: what’s going on in hospitals

New docs linked to death spike in July Deaths  due to medical errors are highest in July in the US and the reason for this, according to  researchers at the University of California in San Diego is … [Read more...]

Cancer in the headlines, May 28

No Evidence Linking Cell Phone Use to Risk of Brain Tumors, according to FDA, WHO A consumer health information advisory from the US FDA says that mobile phone use does not increase risk for brain … [Read more...]

Heart(y) News, May 28: updates on implants and devices

Mayo Clinic Discharges 1st SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Patient in U.S. History This patient just made history when he became the first patient in the US to walk away from the hospital with a … [Read more...]

Heart(y) News, May 21

Nintendo Wii gets the AHA thumbs-up A video game gets the American Heart Association (AHA) heart check? Well, it is not just any video game. It’s the Nintendo Wii virtual exercise and active game … [Read more...]

Cancer in the headlines, May 21

Swim Across America for cancer Swim Across America will be hosting two events to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. On July 16, 2010 is the Boston Harbor Island Swim. This 22-mile open-water … [Read more...]

Heart(y) news, May 11

I have compiled some heart(y) news for you last weekend, which unfortunately, couldn't be posted due to the hassles of intercontinnetal travel. Here they are now.... Almost half of US adults have … [Read more...]

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