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Front Page

Welcome to our new community … which, is part of our existing community! A few things to note that we are now running under the “Genesis Framework’ using the Lifestyle theme and it is an ongoing process in tweaking this template to be most functional and not obnoxious to our community that I hope to fulfill.

Starting with the front page BattlingForHealth.com .. you will see two navigation areas at the top. The second section with all the “monster diseases” are as before. These are the categories our blog is based on, and to see all posts related to ..e.g. cancer – click the CANCER category link above.

The top line is related to our new community embedded within this site. We are using the WP-Mingle Plugin by Brian Williams and Mingle Forum by cartpauj. Together, readers are not only able to read our blogs but read our forums, contribute to the forums, help us improve our site and community and also relate stories about the ‘monster diseases’ readers are battling, to know you are not alone – and can be your place to share your stories, struggles and adventures.


The first place to start on the top navigation line is to register a username here in the Community. There are several fields you must create and other information that is optional. During the signing process, you will be automatically opted in to our weekly newsletter, and if you prefer not to do that (or already subscribed) just untick the box. After registering an account here go to the LOGIN link and explore the community! You can check and edit your Profile, add friends, see other members in the directory, and so on.

>> We ask that you upload an avatar to your profile – or, set up a Gravatar for your current email address at en.gravatar.com .. This is a good thing anyway, because WordPress owns that site. If you like to comment anywhere, your avatar will follow you around – besides in here. Also, after three months I will be deleting users that have not set up an avatar – to keep our community safe from those evil bots! 😀

Once friends with other members, you might want to try the messaging system!


There is a feedback and suggestion forum .. but, it’s basically a forum and time will tell how it will go until people start using it! Feel free to go crazy. Create new discussion threads … comment on existing threads … This is new to us too! We have created a basic template of discussion areas that we’d like to maintain (e.g. cancer discussions in the cancer forums, not diabetes forums) but other than that it’s a free for all.

In Conclusion

I hope you like what we are trying to do here … and, unfortunately if you have arrived here in the past day (or today) you might have noticed our site is running a little slow .. we are working behind the scenes to identify and correct this issue. So, while you may be looking at the “New and Improved Battling For Health Community” .. you may be looking at the same screen for a few extra seconds longer as we work on speeding up this site once again!

In the meantime, explore … and welcome.

HART (aka your BFH Admin)
Battling For Health
battling the monster diseases

Under Construction – Building A New Template Theme In Real Time

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It’s 11:30pm CST November 24, 2010 … and I will be CHANGING the current theme from THESIS to a GENESIS Framework. This involves a complete overhaul, as I am not sure at the moment which route I will take once I install the Genesis framework. I am leaning on either a slim “Prose” theme, or a modified “Lifestyle” them – both, which I already have and do not need to purchase anything new. I currently have the Prose theme installed on Abitpac.com and have actually used the old Lifestyle (v3) theme – pre genesis framework – on this site years ago .. although, it’s totally different now with wordpress v3.0+ and the genesis framework, using this Lifestyle as a child theme instead of the main one.

Why am I doing this? A few reasons ….

1) speed – hopefully to speed up the loading of this site
2) simplicity – I want everything, but I know I don’t need everything
3) community – I will be introducing a forum directly on this site in the root

Feel free to click “Refresh” to watch my changes as they happen … there’s some freaky stuff happening if I try to use a theme tester to do it in the background, the way genesis and thesis take over the site when activated … and I’d rather just work online than trying to replicate this on my local hard drive.

Watch for a tweet on twitter on our @Battling account when I have finished (or stopped for the night).

Thank-you for your patience

PS: This is what it looked like before I begin:

View at EasyCaptures.com


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On March 1, 2009 .. I am closing the doors on the individual “Battling” series of blogs in the HART-Empire Network and merging them all into this one mega blog. I thought I would show you around the new site!


Battling For Health - LogoI would like to thank my Blog Catalog friend Omar Modesto for coming up with this new logo and design .. I think it looks great! Plus, if you are familiar with the other blogs, each had my HART-Empire Network logo on it, and I wish this site to stand on its own!

Navigation and the BATTLING FOR HEALTH Category Archives

Category Archive ViewJust under the new logo, there are two 3 rows of navigation. Feel free to right-click and open these images into a new window to peruse. The top row, left to right, is as follows:

* Home – will bring you to the front page (you can also click the new logo as well)
* About – information all about our blog
* Archives – archives by category and month, plus the last 100 posts
* Contact – how to contact us
* Links – categorized links page
* Top Posts – we will be keeping our favorite posts on this page, as well as automate readers’ top rated posts
* Store – browse our store for unique and health related books, wheelchairs, treadmills and other exercise equipment and supplies
* Advertise – if you wish to sponsor our blog and advertise on our pages, please see this page

The next two rows are links to individual category archives .. by topic. For each old blog that we used to have, we will be maintaining the data and organizing it into categories. For instance, if you click the “Heart and Stroke” link above, you will see all the posts under the “Heart and Stroke” category, as on the image to the right, just like the old blog. Current categories mimick our old “Battling” series of blogs:

* Battling Addiction
* Battling Alzheimer’s Disease
* Battling Arthritis
* Battling Cancer
* Battling Depression
* Battling Diabetes
* Battling Healthcare
* Battling Hearing
* Battling Heart and Stroke
* Battling Multiple Sclerosis
* Battling Obesity
* Battling Schizophrenia
* Battling Stress
* Battling Vision

A Look At The Front Page Of BATTLING FOR HEALTH Blog

Front Page ViewThe front page of our new site isn’t as scary as it looks … promise! Feel free to right-click the image on the left and peruse the following sections:


* Featured Content – this section will be showing images and headline/titles of our featured resourceful type of content, that each category will be publishing at least a few times each month.
* Last 10 Posts – chronologically speaking, these are the last posted articles in our blog at any given time, working backwards.
* The Latest For Each of the 14 Categories – In each section, in alphabetical order, the last 3 posts of each category will be listed here. We will be including a little thumbnail image that may be found inside each post, but if there are no images in the post the default image of the author will appear
* Announcement Category – At the bottom, are special announcements (usually by me) that affect this blog and its operations, uptime, downtime, and other news we want to pass along to you!


* Top “Post” and “Comments” RSS Feeds – Subscribe to our feed in your favorite RSS Feed Reader with these links!
* Sidebar eNews and Updates – Sign up here with your email, and receive all posts summed up once at the end of the day in your email!
* Sponsorship section and Friends of Battling For Health – see advertising page in the top navigation
* Featured Video – We will be showing health related YouTube videos in this spot. They do not start automatically, although if you start watching them they might continue and play additional health videos back to back!
* Recent Comments – from our readers … we want to hear from our readers
* Store Categories and Other Pages – These are currently in progress and may change periodically, but we invite you to peruse these links and pages!
* Related Tags – these are category specific tag clouds. If you are on the “arthritis” category, only arthritis related tags should appear in the sidebar.
* All the Rest .. feel free to explore other links and sections in the sidebars .. at this time, nothing is set in stone and there may be additions and deletions from the sidebar

Footer Section

* Disclaimer – In our footer, please note the disclaimer… while we try to keep this blog up to date and seek to bring you the latest in health news, opinion, resources, and off-beat stories…. as are articles age in the archives, certain information may have changed. As such…

NOTE: The contents in this blog are for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or a substitute for professional care. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before making changes to any existing treatment or program. Some of the information presented in this blog may already be out of date.


Battling For Health Archives When you click the archives link in the top navigation menu, you will be able to see the last 100 post titles published in our blog. You will also see the categories and the months in our archives, if you wish to expand. It might be suggested to use keyboard hotkeys .. “CTRL-F” .. which might make it easier to search for specific articles.

Our Single Post Page With Comments

Single Post ViewWhen you click on the title of any post found on the front page, the archives, the category page’s “Read More” link, or any of the featured images throughout the blog .. you get to the individual post page. This is the entire article and post that you will see in your email, or RSS feed reader. Other information that is of interest:

* Author Information – Each post will contains an image of the author, as well as a link (in case you wanted to see all the posts by the author).

* Pass Our Post Along To Your Friends! – At the end of the post, there are buttons available if you want to share this article with your friends on twitter, and other social media sites!

* Comment Section – Speak your mind and tell us what you are thinking. If you want to receive follow up comments by other readers, tick the box at the bottom of the comment section

But There’s More!

But .. you’ll have to explore the rest on your own time! Or, you can click one of these images 🙂


In Conclusion …

Well, I hope you liked this tour of our new site! Here is important information you may want to know:

Bookmark – Battling For Health – BattlingForHealth.com

RSS Feed for Battling For Health (Posts) – feeds2.feedburner.com/battlingforhealthcom

RSS Feed for Battling For Health (Comments) – feeds2.feedburner.com/BattlingForHealthComments

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NOTE: The contents in this blog are for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or a substitute for professional care. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before making changes to any existing treatment or program. Some of the information presented in this blog may already be out of date.