HOW TO SPOT Reduce FAT on Women- Lose Arm, Thigh, Stomach, and Back Fat with These Tips!

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Ask your questions on FB- … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Disease Information for Patients and Families

With millions of people around the world caught in its grasp, Alzheimers is a disease whose implications are still being felt. Sneaking in and slowing removing a person's ability to recall, function … [Read more...]

Cancer Myths and Urban Legends

Heard any cancer myths or legends lately? How about these? Cancer Myths: Myths are unproven collective belief. Did you know that the results of a 2005 an American Cancer Society survey of over … [Read more...]

Do You Believe Smoking Is A Way To Stay Slim

By Ng Peng Hock Smoking can help one stays slim. Are you sure? It does not sound convincing at all but unfortunately it is a common belief among teenage girls. Besides the many healthy problems … [Read more...]

Myths From The Weight Loss Hawks

By Mike Anthony Myth: You will do fine with a high protein/low-carb diet Fact: This kind of diet looks to get most of the daily required amount of calories from protein foods, such as dairy products … [Read more...]

9 Myths of Multiple Sclerosis

F.Y.I. I have updated the links recently on our Battling-MS Myths page ... * special thanks to Michael T. Vitale of the National M.S. Society of New York … [Read more...]

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