CT scan as a monitoring tool for asthma

When we talk about computer tomography (CT), we usually think about cancer and detecting tumors. However, this imaging technique which consists of a series of X-rays, can potentially be used to … [Read more...]

Meet the latest accessory: alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet

The alcohol monitoring bracelet made headlines lately, thanks to actress Lindsay Lohan. Actually, this is not the first “alcohol-monitoring accessory“ that Lohan had. She already had one way back … [Read more...]

How anti-psychotics affect your metabolism

Patients who present with psychotic symptoms (e.g. as in those with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) are usually prescribed with anti-psychotic drugs. These drugs are mostly effective in … [Read more...]

Sick Days

When you are a diabetic sick days mean much more than calling in sick to work and crawling under the covers. Planning is the most important part of your sick day regime. Talk to your physician … [Read more...]

There’s no place like home: home monitoring program for cardiovascular patients

Is home monitoring by patients with heart disease and/or hypertension a feasible alternative? According to experts and results of recent studies, there's actually no place like home for monitoring … [Read more...]

Minimizing Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes can present two main categories of problems, in the form of short term ill-effects and longer term harm. Minimizing both areas requires discipline. Rapid spikes or dips in blood glucose … [Read more...]

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