Dad Gives Son Medical Marijuana Battling Brain Cancer corrupt Governments Criminalizing Healing

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Cigarette is out, marijuana is in

Cigarette smoking is declining.  Isn't that great?  After decades of campaigning against smoking, statistics show that smoking rates have shrunk in the U.S. in the last decades. The MTF (Monitoring … [Read more...]

Cannabis use linked to testicular cancer

The regular use of marijuana or cannabis seems to increase a man's risk for prostate cancer. This is according to study by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, … [Read more...]

Marijuana Addiction – What Every Parent Should Know

By Lauri Starr-Jones Marijuana is highly addictive and it is often called pot, reefer, grass, herb, weed or even Mary Jane. It is a greenish mixture of dried and shredded leaves, seeds, flowers and … [Read more...]

Smoking Marijuana And The Risks Of Schizophrenia

By Christian Shire Only a philosopher could discover that the human being is completely absurd since this fact means that humanity is totally crazy. A psychiatrist could not come to that conclusion … [Read more...]

Helping A Loved One Get Off Weed

By Gary Paul Evans There are few things more damaging to a relationship than an addiction. I constantly hear from my readers that their partner’s marijuana addiction eats away at their finances, … [Read more...]

Marijuana – Easily Accessible, But Very Dangerous

By Gabriel J. Adams Affecting individuals of all ages, marijuana has become an easily accessible and in some social circles, easily acceptable drug known by a wide-range of nicknames and references. … [Read more...]

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