Folate and lung cancer

As scientists continue to unravel the genetics of cancer, other researchers are also discovering ways of using these information in preventing or slowing down cancer. Take for example lung cancer. … [Read more...]

How asthma protects (yes!) you from cancer

My family has a history of asthma. One of my sons is suffering from wheezing and eczema. How can I say that these are good things to have, that they are actually blessings in disguise. But that is … [Read more...]

Lung cancer increase in women: is estrogen to blame?

A friend of mine who has lung cancer has never smoked in her life. Her husband of 20 years however does. So why did she get the disease and he didn’t? Lung cancer is more prevalent among men than … [Read more...]

3 cigarettes = 1 mutation

We’ve always wondered. How do carcinogens in cigarettes cause cancer? The answer is genetic mutations. And not just one. Or two. Or ten. Or a even hundred. We are talking thousands of mutations – tens … [Read more...]

Ovary removal and cancer risk: weigh your options

What a bummer! Many women undergo oophorectomy in order to prevent the development of cancer, a procedure which comes with a heavy price - losing the ability to reproduce. Now comes the next blow: … [Read more...]

Cigarette smoke carcinogens: they hurt HER more than HIM

Health problems and outcomes can vary depending on gender. Men and women can have different susceptibility to certain diseases. Several recent studies indicate that women are more susceptible to … [Read more...]

Know your carcinogens: Radon

Resource post for February January was National Radon Action Month. I must apologize for missing that opportunity to post something on radon. However, it is never too late to take action against … [Read more...]

John Updike succumbs to cancer at age 76

The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for Fiction John Updike died on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 from lung cancer, according to Associated Press. He was 76. He is described as a "prolific man of letters … [Read more...]

November Resource Post: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is International Lung Cancer Awareness Month. And I am greatly honored to start my post in this blog with this very relevant event. During this month, all over the world, advocacy groups, … [Read more...]

No more excuses. No more lung cancer

These are the the promises of the Lung Cancer Alliance, the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to patient support and advocacy for people living with lung cancer and people at … [Read more...]

Lung Cancer Deaths in Non Smokers

WebMD today shared the results of an American Cancer Society research study that showed that the mortality incidence in men is higher than women in lung cancer among non smokers. While there are no … [Read more...]

Arthritis Drug Celebrex Maybe Beneficial Against Lung Cancer

Celebrex - a widely prescribed pain killer for people with arthritis - is in the limelight recently because it has been found to reduce the levels of lung cancer biomarkers. The last cox-2 inhibitor … [Read more...]

Where Do We Stand in the War on Cancer? The Biggest Advances in 2007

During his 1970 inaugural address, American President Richard Nixon declared a War on Cancer. Promising to allocate at least $100 million in funding to investigate the causes for what was then the … [Read more...]

Natural Cancer Killers Take off During Flu Season: Cancer Research Roundup

Here's a quick glance at a few interesting cancer research studies that have come out recently, edited here for your weekend reading pleasure -- enjoy! Transplanting killer cells into cancer … [Read more...]

Smoking is BAD for you?

I know that I'm not saying anything new with this post, but after reading an recent article answering the question “Did the Marlboro Man Die of Lung Cancer?”, I had to wonder if there was anyone … [Read more...]

Infusion Clinic Opening Here In Winnipeg In January 2007

There is an article in today's Winnipeg Free Press by Jen Skerrit .. Source: Winnipeg Free Press - Cancer Meds For Those Who Have The Cash Alternate Source: Therapeutics Daily - Cancer meds for … [Read more...]

Music legend Freddy Fender diagnosed with cancer

Thursday August 3, 2006 CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP): Music legend Freddy Fender has been diagnosed with incurable cancer after tests showed he has several tumors on his lungs. .... "I feel very … [Read more...]

NASCAR’s Parsons Diagnosed With Cancer

Benny Parsons found out two weeks ago that he has lung cancer. (Photo: AP) 07/26/2006 CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)- Former NASCAR champion Benny Parsons has been diagnosed with lung cancer and began … [Read more...]

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