Alcohol consumption increases cancer risk in men, too.

It was only earlier this year that the Million Women Study reported the following: alcohol consumption even at low levels increases women's risk for cancer. It seems that the same is true for men … [Read more...]

Liver Cancer Facts

The liver is the largest internal human organ. If the liver completely shut down, we would die within 24 hours. This is because the liver has so many vital functions in human life. Functions of the … [Read more...]

Where Do We Stand in the War on Cancer? The Biggest Advances in 2007

During his 1970 inaugural address, American President Richard Nixon declared a War on Cancer. Promising to allocate at least $100 million in funding to investigate the causes for what was then the … [Read more...]


Former rock groupie JO JO LAINE, ex-wife of WINGS guitarist DENNY LAINE, has been diagnosed with liver cancer. The brunette beauty, 53, is reeling after the recent diagnosis, but hopes to fight it. … [Read more...]

Singer and Bluesman Salgado Has Cancer

Curtis Salgado, the singer and bluesman who was the visual inspiration for John Belushi's Blues Brothers act, has liver cancer and has suspended concerts. Salgado, who grew up here and lives in … [Read more...]

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