Funny Hidden Camera That Girl On The Street Corner Salaries :)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! FUNNY CAMERA Amazing Facts Numbers Fun Facts Optical Illusions Optical Illusions 2 Optical Illusions Pre-School Test for U Phrases for Work Quotes by Great Women Quotes by Wise Old Men Riddles Seen On T-Shirts Sillies Smile SMS Abbreviations Meaning Someone and you Statistics about Sex Strange but true coincidents Super Silly Quiz Tips for Managers Tongue Twisters Twisted Fun Thoughts Time Fun Facts Valid doubts Viral Email Health Tips

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Reach Out and Touch

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The cancer journey can seem very lonely, but there are others on the road and those who have gone before you who are ready to reach out a hand.

Today Battling Cancer features some unique organizations you may not have heard about whose goal is support and care. Check them out.

Also be sure to take a look back at the Battling Cancer archives for profiles of other organizations and stop by our links for additional resources.

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Food, Food, and More Food!

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Planning healthy meals as a diabetic is important. You do not need to settle for plain fare, much like I tell others who are interested in eating healthier; all food can be delicious. All it takes is a bit of imagination to change boring food to spectacular meals.

Here are a few links to help you plan and cook better meals. You can find recipes, the diabetic food pyramid, a food planner, and even a virtual grocery store tour.

Diabetic Recipes

Diabetes Food Pyramid

Diabetes Food Planner

American Diabetes Association Virtual Grocery Store

Most recipes above are geared towards adults. Kids with diabetes want to have fun, tasty food, too! Here are some links to sites where you can grab recipes for your diabetic children.

Diabetic Recipes For Kids

More From Kid’s Health (not just diabetes, other conditions, too)

Children’s Diabetes Foundation Recipes

Juvenile Diabetes Site

WARNING: Weak content, overgeneralizations may lead to misconceptions about cancer

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When looking for quality information about medical or scientific breakthroughs, like most everything else in life, you have to sift through a lot of crap in order to find the good stuff. Unfortunately, for every good source on the internet about cancer like the American Cancer Society or WebMD, you have tons of sites and blogs with weak content or even misinformation.

Because physicians and scientists don’t often spend the time marketing their big ideas a la Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison, it’s often up to science writers, journalists, and bloggers to interpret their work and broadcast it for them. It is here where many roadblocks to good science communication can come up, including a lack of familiarity with a hyper-specialized vocabulary (be honest: do you recognize this?) or even a misintepretation of a data set’s significance (helpful hint for everyone who reports on medical breakthroughs in cancer research: correlation does not imply causation!)

Martin Fenner points out the difficulty of writing about cancer research science to a general audience in an interesting article entitled “Poor Media Coverage of Cancer Research: Are Blogs one Answer?” An excerpt:

For those of us working in cancer research, it is important to remember to communicate our research findings not only in journal articles and scientific meetings. We probably have to do a much better job in talking to the media and the public. One example would be to start a blog about a particular area of cancer research or cancer patient care. The number of quality blogs in this area could be much higher, and some blogs even had to close down.

I agree with Martin that there aren’t nearly enough high-quality news outlets for cancer research, and we’re not alone. This past year, one of the biggest powerhouses in scientific publications, the Nature Publishing Group, has made some pretty bold steps in making strong, evidence-based information about science easily accessible through their development of the Nature Network, an open-access social network and blogging platform geared directly to scientists and other professionals (including Martin).

In the spirit of promoting strong content in the world of cancer research, I’d like to point you to a few recent posts on some of my favorite blogs: Read more

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