Orthokine Therapy: Long-Term Safe and Effective Against Knee Osteoarthritis

Developed by Düsseldorf orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Peter Wehling and molecular biologist Dr. Julio Reinecke - the orthokine therapy is a treatment by which anti-inflammatory proteins from the patient's … [Read more...]

Of Cane Use and Osteoarthritis Progression

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis? Then how sold are you to the idea of using a cane. You know...cane...man's third foot in old age! Osteoarthritis is a common joint joint disease and is incurable. … [Read more...]

Regular Kneeling Can Increase Arthritis Risk

I thought people just kneel when praying (at least Catholics do!). However, men who spend significant amounts of time kneeling on the job are at great risk of developing osteoarthritis of the … [Read more...]

Heat-Holding Knee Sleeve May Alleviate Arthritis Pain

According to preliminary testing of a team from the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, a heat-retaining sleeve worn around the knee is useful in reducing joint pain and stiffness … [Read more...]

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