Fitness & Exercise Tips : Exercises for Men to Perform to Flatten Lower Stomach

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The health hazards of head banging

Head banging is mainstay feature of rock concerts. Performers and spectators alike can do head banging which come in many different styles. Seems like harmless fun. Or is it? Head banging … [Read more...]

Fitness & Exercise Tips : How to Get Abs With Resistance Bands

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Operating room injuries: doctors get hurt, too

They play God in the operating rooms. After all, they are holding the scalpel and most often, the patient’s life in their hands. But what we probably don’t know is that surgeons get cut, too, and the … [Read more...]

Beware of the New Year Hazards

Sorry, I don’t want to be such a spoilsports and dampen your holiday spirit. But studies have shown that a lot of accidents happens at certain time of the year, especially around the 4th of July in … [Read more...]

Avoid Workout Injuries

From some trainers 'No pain, no gain' really means 'you should feel some pain'. While mild discomfort is to be expected, especially for those just beginning a new fitness routine, pain is a natural … [Read more...]

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