Pub boss died from drugs and steroids

... A Chesterfield inquest heard she called a friend, Paul Meeks, who forced entry to Mr Harrison's home in High Street, Stonebroom on January 24 and found him in a downstairs toilet room. Det Con … [Read more...]

Homeless man to face charges over knife found in his bag

Are they kidding? Geeesh. Charges were officially filed against Chynyquy Calixte, 48, on Friday for resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon, prosecutors said. Calixte's attorney said she … [Read more...]

Body in bag killer jailed

.. A man who murdered his ex-girlfriend, stuffed her in a cricket bag and hid her in the basement of a Queens Park apartment block was today sentenced to 27 years jail. .. "The story behind this … [Read more...]

Report cites problems at nursing home of slain man

.. The nursing home failed to make sure resident rooms and common areas were free of accident hazards, such as broken towel bars, loose or broken furniture, sharp edges of door plates, and that there … [Read more...]

Pain riddles two survivors 5 years after deadly rampage

Five years ago, Serrano, who is now 38, was admitted to Savannas Hospital, which was one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in St. Lucie County before it closed because of hurricane damage in … [Read more...]

Family sues police in killing of man with schizophrenia

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol's investigative report, Heberlie's confrontation with officers started because he was bothering an 18-year-old woman who was working as an attendant at a Ste. … [Read more...]

Wicked But Not Schizophrenic

Two recent events have pushed schizophrenia into the headlines. One is a medical advance. Doctors may have found a biological underpinning of this horrible mental disease. The second is the … [Read more...]

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