More Holiday Fit Tips From Revolution Fitness

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Sign up for my New Years … [Read more...]

Underage binge drinking at New Year

New Year’s Eve has always been known to be drinking occasion that cost lots of lives and health care expenditures due to traffic accidents. What is less known is that many of these cases involve … [Read more...]

Autumn is stressful time for some, relaxation for others

It is interesting how the season affects our moods. Scientists attribute this mainly to changes in the day length and weather conditions. But it seems there are other factors involved. A recent … [Read more...]

Healthy food for religious holidays

Certain holidays  are associated in certain types of food that we usually eat to celebrate these special occasions. However, there are also foods which are forbidden on certain holodays, at least for … [Read more...]

Does your vacation make you happy?

In the coming days, it’s Easter school holidays in most European countries, which can last from 1 to 3 weeks. Most people, especially those with school children will take off from work to take care of … [Read more...]

Don’t let health problems stop you from celebrating Christmas

Christmas is not only for the healthy and fit. Each of us should have something to celebrate, big or small during the holiday season, whether we are healthy or ill. When we are ill we sometimes wonder … [Read more...]

Eating healthy during the holidays

‘Tis the season to be feasting. And we should. After all, Christmas only comes once a year. Now, how do we enjoy the holidays without compromising our heart health? Here are some simple tips. When … [Read more...]

Watch your eating habits during the holidays

The cold season is here and we can see what's coming. No, I am not referring to winter and snow. I am talking about the holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. Good food, calories and … [Read more...]

Hope and Help For the Holidays — Involve Your Loved One

The holidays, for Alzheimer’s caregivers, are filled with a myriad of emotions. Hope and gratitude that another year has passed and our loved one is still with us. We have Fear and anxiety regarding … [Read more...]

Hope and Help for the Holidays – Halloween

Halloween - This day can really throw a person with dementia into quite a tizzy. I mean, those scary masks and glaring jack-o-lanterns can cause the most stable of us to shudder. Consider the … [Read more...]

Hope and Help for the Holidays

It's October and according to some retailers, the holidays begin now. I don’t listen to the marketing hype, but when I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner (which I am not this year), I start thinking … [Read more...]

Weight Loss, Arthritis and Holiday Feasting

Gloria Gamat, from the Battling Arthritis blog wrote an interesting article titled .. Weight Loss, Osteoarthritis and Your Christmas Recipes Tomorrow night will be Christmas Eve and you most likely … [Read more...]

Stress Around The Holidays

During the holiday season - Christmas, Hanukkah and others - people will often experience elevated levels of stress. But it need not be so. There are, indeed, many pressures unique to the holiday … [Read more...]

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