Heart Attack Prevention for Women

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/v/owWCMpSFS4g?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata Dr. Bob gives tips for … [Read more...]

Family Health History Part I: Why is it important?

Many health problems have a genetic component to it. Yet, many of us never look back at our past for lessons for the future. Until health history repeats itself. Take me, for example. I was quite ill … [Read more...]

Are your calcium supplements actually useless?

Many of us swallow vitamin supplement pills each day, including calcium for bone health. Clinical guidelines on osteoporosis recommend supplementation with calcium especially for those who are at high … [Read more...]

Still smoking after a heart attack?

Smoking is a risk factor for heart disease. That we know. But the how cigarette smoking actually affects survival and longevity of those who already have heart disease hasn’t been fully explored. This … [Read more...]

Breaking the taboo: docs should talk about sex to post heart attack patients

Many people are lucky to survive a heart attack (myocardial infarction, MI for short) and undergo successful rehabilitation. However, the experience has a great impact on the quality of life of … [Read more...]

Hospitals are speeding up heart attack care

Many of us have seen the chaos in an emergency room, whether on TV or in real life. Overcrowding, too many patients, too few staff who are mostly overworked and lacking sleep. It is more than likely … [Read more...]

Transcendental meditation can help prevent heart attacks

Transcendental meditation, which is the most widely form of meditation, has been associated with a lot of health benefits. It used to be dismissed by the medical world as a form of alternative … [Read more...]

The best and worst US states in heart attack care

Somebody told me once that it all boils down to the right location, whether it’s real estate, business venture, or vacation. It seems it is the same when it comes to health care. In previous posts for … [Read more...]

Less secondhand smoke, fewer heart attacks

A few years after smoking bans were implemented in many parts of the world, more and more evidence is accumulating pointing to the short-term as well as long term benefits of such legislation. A few … [Read more...]

MI takes another victim: tribute to a friend

Sadness and shock were the emotions I felt when I received this email: „I bring you the sad news that my father passed away last Saturday. He was hospitalised 2 weeks ago after suffering from a … [Read more...]

Michael Jackson’s death: Why it couldn’t have been a heart attack

When Michael Jackson suffered from cardiac arrest on June 25 this year, there were speculations that led to erroneous reports that Jackson suffered from a heart attack. It wasn’t clear whether the … [Read more...]

Smokeless tobacco is deadly for the heart, too.

The use of smokeless tobacco products is on the rise. This has probably something to do with the widespread implementation of anti-smoking bans in many countries of the world. Thus, the age old … [Read more...]

Hospitals + hospitalists = better heart attack care

Hospitals with hospitalists seem to deliver better quality care than those without, especially in cases of myocardial infarction. This is based on a study by Massachusetts General Hospital researchers … [Read more...]

Heart attack recovery: does fish oil supplement actually help?

Fish oils are the so-called good fat. It contains lots of omega-3 fatty acid. Over the years, the use of fish oil or omega-3 fatty acid as a nutritional supplement has become popular. In fact, omega-3 … [Read more...]

Heart attack emergency care: men have it better

Here is another study on gender disparity in health care, and again, women are at the losing end. Researchers at Penn University looked at 683 cases of emergencies with symptoms of chest pains and the … [Read more...]

Can your pulse rate predict your heart attack risk?

Researchers and scientists are continuously searching for ways to predict who is most likely to have a heart attack and who isn't. French researchers report this could be as easy as measuring a … [Read more...]

The power to predict a heart attack may be right at your fingertips

Could it be that predicting a cardiac event is as easy as raising a finger? Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have studied and seemed be quite satisfied with a test that is simple and noninvasive but is … [Read more...]

Is there sex life after a heart attack?

Resource Post for March Now, more than ever, patients with heart disease are much longer but unfortunately their quality of life is not necessarily better. The latest medical advances save people's … [Read more...]

Bleeding hearts

Have you ever seen a bleeding heart? Literary, I mean? Up till now, many of us use the term "bleeding heart" figuratively to mean "a person who is excessively sympathetic towards other people." A real … [Read more...]

Resource post for November: time change, sleep and your heart

Have you reset your clocks? Ready for the time transition? Depending on the season, we are moving back and forth in time. We "spring forward" in the spring and "fall backwards" in the autumn. The … [Read more...]

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