Mom’s weight and baby’s heart

Excess weight on anyone is associated with a lot of health problems. Excess weight on a pregnant woman is associated with health problems for herself as well as for her baby. Previous research has … [Read more...]

Watching over our aging parents

As we approach middle age, our parents approach old age, and we are faced with the possibility that our aging parents will run into problems that comes with age. I lost both my parents years back. I … [Read more...]

Don’t let health problems stop you from celebrating Christmas

Christmas is not only for the healthy and fit. Each of us should have something to celebrate, big or small during the holiday season, whether we are healthy or ill. When we are ill we sometimes wonder … [Read more...]

Canines to the rescue: how dogs sniff out health problems

Check out how dogs can sniff out hypoglycemic attacks before they happen and how are they are being trained to detect cancer. … [Read more...]

How binge drinking can block your arteries

As part of out lifestyle change series 2009 on Battling Heart and Stroke, let's touch once again on alcohol consumption, particularly binge drinking and its effect on your cardiovascular health. Binge … [Read more...]

Protecting yourself and your family from BPA

                                    Ever since the bad news about bisphenol A (BPA) broke, I have become more and more wary of plastics. Unfortunately, I've found out that we can't … [Read more...]

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