The health benefits of hiking

If I tell you I did not do a single jogging run last week, you’d think I’m getting slack and lazy, right? Well, not quite We (I and my family) just got back from a week of autumn holidays in the … [Read more...]

Spice up your health!

Most of us pay attention to the food that we eat. The big food stuffs, at least. What we usually take for granted are the little stuff: the condiments, the spices and the herbs. The spices and … [Read more...]

The health benefits of chives

Would you believe me if I tell you that my 7-year old twins love chive leaves? Yes, they do. Do not ask me how and the why because I do not know the answers. I only know that I am glad they do and I … [Read more...]

Chocolate against stress?

Chocolate has always been considered a major enemy of healthy living. But recent studies show that thre might be a good side to this dark temptation. In the third book of the Harry Potter series … [Read more...]

Smoking bans save lives and money

They are definitely already reaping the fruits of their early labor while some of their neighbors are still arguing, fighting, lagging behind - and dying. The Italians, the French, and now the … [Read more...]

Green tea and prostate cancer

Another reason to drink green tea - at least for men. A recent study reports that consumption of green tea may slow down the progression of prostate cancer. The study looked at 26 men, aged 41 to 72 … [Read more...]

Heart attack recovery: does fish oil supplement actually help?

Fish oils are the so-called good fat. It contains lots of omega-3 fatty acid. Over the years, the use of fish oil or omega-3 fatty acid as a nutritional supplement has become popular. In fact, omega-3 … [Read more...]

Can a healthy lifestyle alter your genes and treat your cancer?

 We've heard this statement of resignation before: "I can't do anything about it. It's in my genes." Indeed, many diseases have been linked to genetics, including heart disease, mental illness, and … [Read more...]

Walnuts may help prevent breast cancer

Walnuts have been though of as "brain food", probably because the nut's structure considerably resembles that of the human brain. Whether this is true or not is not clear. What is well-known is that … [Read more...]

Eating for your heart: broccoli and brassicas

Now that we've started the year with some New Year's resolutions on how to improve our health, let's get on with a few specifics. Let's start with diet. What can should we eat that will make us … [Read more...]

Resource article for July: Alcohol and CVD Part I

Part I: The Health Benefits of Alcohol - "Eat, drink and be healthy" Drinking alcohol has been linked to a wide range of health effects, ranging from the very good to the very bad. A post in June … [Read more...]

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