Breastfeeding prevents metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is condition characterized by the presence of multiple risk factors in 1 patient, making that patient highly predisposed to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Metabolic risk … [Read more...]

Gestational hypertension and testicular cancer: where’s the connection?

You would think these two conditions - gestational hypertension and testicular cancer - can't have anything to do with each other. After all, they are completely separated by the gender divide (bar in … [Read more...]

Pregnancy and Diabetes Links

Pregnant Diabetics I’ve been doing some research on pregnancy and diabetes. It seems that the American Association of Diabetes no longer discourages women who are diabetic from thinking about becoming … [Read more...]

Greetings From Your New Battling Diabetes Blogger

Diabetes affects many people all over the world. Chances are, if you have not found this information for yourself, that you know someone Battling Diabetes. My own personal experience with diabetes … [Read more...]

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