Gene therapy to treat congenital blindness

Many people are born partially or fully blind. A recent development in biomedical research is bringing hope to people with congenital blindness and it’s called gene therapy. Researchers at the … [Read more...]

Genetics in heart disease treatment and diagnosis

We are in the age of genomics. It is now possible to have our genome checked for predisposition to genetically-linked diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and yes - cardiovascular disease. According … [Read more...]

What is Gene Therapy?

Gene Therapy is an approach to treating diseases or genetic abnormalities at the genetic level. This therapy uses DNA as a medicine to treat disease. Gene Therapy may involve replacing an abnormal or … [Read more...]

Long Term Prospects for Diabetes Patients

The long term prospects for a person with diabetes are not set in stone. In many cases, they are a matter of choice. There are many possible complications that come with diabetes. Those taking … [Read more...]

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