Risk factors for hypertension: men vs women

The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and MayoClinic list the following as the most common risk factors for hypertension: Older age Race or ethnicity Overweight or … [Read more...]

CVD Weekend Newswatch September 5

Once again, I am bringing you a round up of heart-related news for this weekend. Happy reading. CVD lifestyle watch Poor teen sleep habits may raise blood pressure, lead to CVD TV, Internet, … [Read more...]

Birth weight and cardiovascular health – where is the connection?

How much did you weigh at birth? Your baby/babies? Does it matter? A┬ánew study by British researchers published in the European Heart Journal shows that there is a link between low birth weight and … [Read more...]

Heavy drinking: bad for both male and female hearts

Heavy drinking is bad for the heart and for the arteries. Furthermore, heavy alcohol consumption affects men and women differently - although in the long run, the effects are never beneficial. This is … [Read more...]

6 Risk Factors for Multiple Sclerosis

By Robert Groth There are several recognized risk factors in Multiple Sclerosis, although there is not a definite known cause. These risk factors do not guarantee that you will be diagnosed with the … [Read more...]