NSD Powerball – How To Start The NSD Powerball Gyroscope With Thumb

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Visit www.PowerBallnsd.com For All Powerball Reviews. And For The Best Place To Buy Your NSD Powerball Gyroscopes, Visit www.PowerBallnsd.com ======================================== This video shows you “how to start the NSD Powerball Gyroscope with a thumb” and while I was at it I also tried to break The Powerball World Record…(lol!)…not, just kidding 🙂 I’ve actually been practicing for just a few days, but I really think you should learn how to start the nsd powerball gyroscope with your thumb as soon as possible – after you’ve figured out how to keep it going of course – as it saves you time and it just looks so much better. Enjoy my “NSD Powerball – How To Start The NSD Powerball Gyroscope With Thumb” video…and…try not to laugh 😛 Please also rate my “NSD Powerball – How To Start The NSD Powerball Gyroscope With Thumb” video and feel free to leave a comment or if you’ve purchased your NSD Powerball at The Powerball Shop, please tell us how it went. We’d love to hear from you 🙂 Thanks! Robert The Powerball Shop www.PowerBallnsd.com

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Diabetes Goes High-Tech

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For the techno geeks and wizards out there, here’s what is going on in high-tech gadgets for diabetes care.

  • View of dashboard
  • Friday Diabetes News mentioned the glucose monitoring car of the future introduced by Medtronics. The M Concept car is a Lincoln sedan that uses wireless technology to monitor a patient’s blood glucose level through the car’s dashboard. Using BlueTooth technology the system alerts the driver of blood glucose problems with audio and visual signals. Medtronics plans to also launch a vehicle system which will dial for medical assistance if the driver does not respond to alerts or when abnormal glucose levels are generated.
  • The PressureStat, by FootLogic, is a device that measures diabetic foot neuropathy potential through a pressure sensitive card. The card is covered with a film that presents an exact replica of the patient’s footprint. By identifying pressure areas physicians are able to do preventative education evaluating patients and monitoring them for tissue injury risk potential.
  • The Electronic Pillbox. There are a variety of these devices, from a simple programmable system to a box that interfaces with your phone line and connects to a webpage which holds your information to program the box. Additionally the pillboxes provide audio and visual alarms to be sure the right medication is taken at the right time. Electronic pillboxes currently available include: The MD .2 Personal Medication System, MedCenter Monthly Medication Dispenser, and MedSignals.
  • Virtual Health Monitoring. Several virtual health monitoring programs are already in use. VitalSignals works in conjunction with the MedSignals electronic pillbox. A patient bio monitoring device that launched with a blood pressure monitor and utilizes BlueTooth technology sending readings online to patient caregivers. VitalSignals will be adding glucose monitoring, weight measurements and a pedometer. Besides their usefulness for diabetics, virtual monitoring works in conjunction with other home monitoring sensors to keep the elderly population safe and compliant in their homes. See this great New York Times article, High Tech Devices Keep Elderly Safe From Afar, for more information.
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