New Mothers – 10 Health Tips for Women After Delivery

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YouTips4U – Herbal Health Tips for When You’re Sick to Help You Get Well Fast – Flu Season Herbs

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What’s the latest on the flu vaccine?

Here are some updates on the flu vaccine. NIAID Media Availability: A Flu Vaccine that Lasts Why do we have to get the flu shot every year? Because each year, the strains of the influenza-causing … [Read more...]

“The Flu ends with ‘U’”

The FLU ends with "U". That is the current slogan of the Flu Vaccination Week in the US.  Pregnant women urged to have the flu vaccine Pregnant women are pretty wary of taking medications. With … [Read more...]

Healthcare updates, Nov 5: What to do with the flu

The flu, the flu. What are we to do? Here are the latest updates on the flu. Podcast: Influenza Round Table: Don’t Get, Don’t Spread Check out this CDC podcast where Dr. Joe Bresee describes how … [Read more...]

Flu updates, October 15

The swine flu pandemic is officially over but the seasonal flu is just starting as we face the coming of the winter months. We will be bringing you regular updates about seasonal influenza. Here … [Read more...]

Does mom’s flu increases baby’s schizophrenia risk?

Flu and pregnancy had a hot topic since the outbreak of the H1N1 influenza last year. Health authorities lament the fact that the public has been very sceptical of the H1N1 flu vaccine and only very … [Read more...]

Pregnancy depression and flu: a bad combination

Raging hormones. Morning sickness. Add to that depression. Then top it up with the flu. What you get is a nasty cocktail of symptoms and complications. Researcher s at the Ohio State University … [Read more...]

News from the flu front, December 29

Researchers find human protein that prevents H1N1 influenza infection A light at the end of the flu tunnel? Researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute may just have found a way to prevent … [Read more...]

Flu updates, December 5

It's been a while since I brought you some flu updates... Here are your updates for this weekend. CDC: Swine flu less widespread, down to 32 states Finally, some good news about the flu swine from … [Read more...]

Children with asthma more susceptible to H1N1 flu

Children have been shown to be highly vulnerable when it comes to catching the H1N1 flu. Furthermore, children with asthma seem to be more likely to develop serious symptoms and complications. This is … [Read more...]

Flu updates, November 10

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, Ukraine The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported more than 250,000 cases with flu-like symptoms this week. 235 patients have been admitted to intensive case and 70 deaths have … [Read more...]

Do’s and Don’t’s during the flu season

‘Tis the season to be confused. Health experts can’t agree which one is the more dangerous, the seasonal flu or the H1N1 (aka swine) flu. Doctors can’t agree whether the vaccines will … [Read more...]

What’s new with the flu, October 6

This morning, I am bringing you the latest news from the flu front. Flu fears prompt review of hockey handshake Can a handshake give you the flu? Apparently, sports officials in Canada are … [Read more...]

Diabetes and OTC Medications

I picked up some sort of bug from the children and it made me think of a few months back when my mother was very sick. With five children in the home, three of which attend three different schools, we … [Read more...]

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