Keeping Fit as You Age

It's a commonplace observation that as you age you have to work harder to keep the pounds off and to stay fit. One major reason is the inescapable biological fact that metabolism slows as we age. … [Read more...]

Child Obesity and Weight Loss

There's considerable hype in the news about the incidence of childhood obesity and the risks. As usual, scare stories abound with calls for government intervention and/or large-scale social changes. … [Read more...]

Men and Women, Differences In Fitness Routines

Though stereotypes are dissolving with each generation, there are some that persist - in part, because they are based on real differences between men and women. While some women can and do achieve … [Read more...]

Exercise Is Good For The Young

Individuals under 20 are naturally more flexible, have higher metabolic rates and more energy than those older. But they, too, need to exercise (in appropriate ways) to avoid injury and build strength … [Read more...]

What Is Fitness?

Aristotle helped define the standards of fitness 2,500 years ago when he taught that a thing that suits its purpose well is fit. Fortunately for us, the cardiovascular system, lungs, skeleton, … [Read more...]

2 Hours Can Save Your Life

By Craig Ballantyne Its much easier to maintain a healthy level of low body fat than it is to lose 10-15% body fat and 30 lbs or more. But it can be done. Pick up any fitness publication these days … [Read more...]

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals AND Watch TV

By Dan Patterson Here's a sad truth that arguably a large contribution to the obesity problem in the U.S.: Americans watch a lot of TV. Here are some interesting statistics from * … [Read more...]

How To Get Back In Shape

By Edward Curtis Before starting to work out make sure you get a full physical from your doctor and a letter stating it is ok for you to do physical activity. Many gym and aerobic centers will … [Read more...]

How to Get Started with a Fitness Program

By Yuri Elkaim Step #1 - Walk at least 30 minutes every day Walking is one the most beneficial activities we can do. It is low stress on the body and has tremendous benefits when it comes to … [Read more...]

Fitness Habits and Losing Weight

By Eric Cho These days just about everyone you meet is looking to lose a few pounds. In fact, obesity is the number one health problem facing the developed world today. Fitness habits and losing … [Read more...]

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