Flu updates: pork, vaccination, and ethnic susceptibility

What's new in the flu front? Here's the latest updates. USDA Confirms Pork From Pigs Exposed to H1N1 Virus is Safe to Eat Are pigs exposed to teh H1N1 flu virus safe for human consumption? The US … [Read more...]

Disparity in cancer care: it’s not that bad after all

Ethnicity, geneder and socioeconomic status are three factors that are often associated with health outcome disparities, including cancer care. There have been studies that showed disparities in care … [Read more...]

Race and the chances for a heart transplant

According to a study based on 2006 data from United Network of Organ Sharing in the US, 3,299 American children were on the heart transplant waiting list during an eight-year period up to 2006. Based … [Read more...]

Genetic Risk Factors for Diabetes

The causes of diabetes are complex and only partly understood. Complicating the picture even further is the fact that there are multiple types, each with its own risk factors. Type 1 and Type 2 … [Read more...]

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