Easter chocolate: small and dark is healthy

Just in time for Easter! Researchers at the German Institute of Human Nutrition say it is okay –actually healthy - to eat chocolate this Easter – as long as they are small and dark. How … [Read more...]

Healthy food for religious holidays

Certain holidays  are associated in certain types of food that we usually eat to celebrate these special occasions. However, there are also foods which are forbidden on certain holodays, at least for … [Read more...]

News from the cancer side, April 10

Here's your cancer news round up for the Easter weekend. Happy Easter, every one! News from the academia University centre, students tackling cancer in high-risk state The Centre for Health and … [Read more...]

Diabetic? You can still have fun at Easter!

Being a diabetic at Easter can be very difficult. Especially if you are a little child. Sweets and goodies everywhere but not allowed to eat? How about those traditional Easter treats like hot cross … [Read more...]

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