What you should know about cholera

After the flu, the pandemic word nowadays is cholera. The word has especially been linked to areas of natural disaster starting with Pakistan and now Haiti. But what do we really know about this … [Read more...]

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke

The summer heat has been hard on everyone, but much more so on those who are suffering from chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease. But even the healthy and fit need to take care.  The … [Read more...]

Myths and Misconceptions About Hospice Care

The word "hospice"conjures up all kinds of pictures in peoples minds.  From halloween costumes and horror movies to more serious images; people are often afraid of hospice.  So, let's take a candid … [Read more...]

Why Not Just Stop Eating?

One sure way to lose weight, it might seem, is simply to stop eating for a while. Simple as it sounds, that idea is fraught with potential problems. The basic weight loss equation certainly remains … [Read more...]

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