Pregnancy and Diabetes (Pregnancy Health Guru Tip)

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Five percent of pregnant women … [Read more...]

Hot Women Are Bad For Your Health (Study)

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! New TYT Facebook Page(!): … [Read more...]

Stress in your tresses: what your hair can tell about your heart

Our hair tells a lot of stories about us. Substances we get in contact with get deposited on our hair and persist there for a long time. Thus, your hair records environmental exposure to substances be … [Read more...]

The stress-infertility-stress cycle

Stress is linked to many health problems, including depression and cardiovascular diseases. Less known is the fact that stress can also cause infertility. A joint study by the National Institutes … [Read more...]

Depression in MS patients

As if pain and impaired mobility are not enough, multiple sclerosis (MS) patients are also plagued by another comorbidity – depression. It is estimated that people with MS have up to 50% lifetime risk … [Read more...]

Spot Reducing, Myth or Miracle?

There are no miracles in weight loss, though there are lots of myths. You may have heard a new one making the rounds: cortisol will 'dissolve' fat around the waist. Not so. Whenever you take in more … [Read more...]

Nutritional Supplements

A supplement, by definition, is something that accompanies something essential. But, in some cases, nutritional supplements can themselves be an essential part of a healthy nutrition regimen. Whether … [Read more...]

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