Do contact lenses cause eye ulcers?

I used to wear contact lenses but when I had my kids, it became too tedious to care for the lenses. I used to eyeglasses instead. They may not make me look great or fashionable but I find eyeglasses … [Read more...]

Overnight lenses for young myopic eyes

I remember when about a year ago when our paediatrician referred us to an eye specialist to check my twin boys’ eyesight. I was praying silently “Please no eyeglasses...” I mean, the likelihood … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Contact Lenses

Today, contact lenses are as much for vision as they are for fashion. Giving wearers the ability to change eye color and design in literally the blink of an eye, contact lenses are no longer only for … [Read more...]

Correcting Astigmatism with Contact Lenses

Astigmatism for a long time was an eye problem that could not be fully corrected with contact lenses. Mild astigmatism could be adequately improved with soft contact lenses, but there weren't options … [Read more...]

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