The latest updates in colorectal cancer

Colon and rectal cancer kill an estimated 50,000 Americans each year, according to the American Cancer Society. In this post, I bring you the latest update on research that aims to find the cure to … [Read more...]

Aspirin to treat cancer?

Aspirin, a.k.a  acetylsalicid acid, is clearly the wonder drug of all times. Initially developed as an analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-pyretic (anti-fever) more than a hundred years ago, these … [Read more...]

Cigarette smoke carcinogens: they hurt HER more than HIM

Health problems and outcomes can vary depending on gender. Men and women can have different susceptibility to certain diseases. Several recent studies indicate that women are more susceptible to … [Read more...]

US facing shortage of doctors to screen for colorectal cancer

Are we facing a bottleneck in gastrointestinal cancers screening in the future? This study conducted by the Lewin Group as commissioned by the medical technology firm Olympus predicts this can happen … [Read more...]

Natural Cancer Killers Take off During Flu Season: Cancer Research Roundup

Here's a quick glance at a few interesting cancer research studies that have come out recently, edited here for your weekend reading pleasure -- enjoy! Transplanting killer cells into cancer … [Read more...]

Treatment Options for Colorectal Cancer

By Bill Ransom The treatment depends on the staging of the cancer. When colorectal cancer is caught at early stages (with little spread) it can be curable. However when it is detected at later stages … [Read more...]

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