4 UNSTOPPABLE FAT LOSS TIPS For Women- Unleash Your Inner Goddess!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Ask your questions on FB- www.facebook.com Follow on Twitter- twitter.com FREE FEMALE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM- www.divineinnotime.com Everyone’s got a reason to lose weight. Whether its bikini season, a wedding, trying to show off to your Ex or just be a better person, your reason is unique. Today I’m going to give you some tips on how to keep yourself on track and never fall off the wagon again. You see I’ve trained hundreds of women and I’ve noticed a couple similarities of those that are really successful. The MOST IMPORTANT is to keep your goal in clear focus. Your reason for getting in shape better be solid. Trying to make someone jealous probably won’t get you up at 5AM to work out. Being tried of being unhappy with yourself and wanting MORE out of life WILL get your ass out of bed. So the first thing is to figure out WHAT really drives you and write it down. Just remember that internal reasons, doing it for yourself, is important. External reasons, or what other people think of you, never matter. 2. Take before photos. No one likes to see themselves completely naked. We like to lie to themselves. Don’t. Bust out that camera and take monthly photos in your bikini, front, side and back to keep you on track! 3. Surround yourself with positive people and tell them about your goals By making it public, it puts you in the spot light and holds you accountable. Forget the haters, only deal with people that support you. 4. Food Journal We eat foods for certain reasons. I want

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