Smoking and rheumatoid arthritis

That arthritis pain is killing you? Well, it might be the pack you smoked today that caused it. Recent research evidence indicates that smoking cigarettes can increase your chances of getting … [Read more...]

Are you a polytobacco user?

Cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco products. Anti-smoking campaigns are mainly targeting cigarettes. But there are other tobacco products out there that are as bad or even worse. And when … [Read more...]

US cigarettes top in carcinogen content

What’s so different about American cigarettes compared to say, European cigarettes? Is it the price, the taste, the packaging? No! It is the amount of carcinogens. Yes, Americans are actually getting … [Read more...]

Are you a social smoker?

They don’t consider themselves as smokers. They only smoke at social occasions – parties, bars, etc. They think they can quit anytime.  They also tend to smoke only with the company of others rather … [Read more...]

Welcome, Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

The US Senate passed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act last week on June 11. This bill is historic, being the most sweeping anti-tobacco measure so far and includes the … [Read more...]

Smoking ads then and now

It was about 13 years ago when I and my then fiance (now husband) flew to Japan to attend a friend's wedding. Although I am Asia, this was my first trip to Japan and my first close contact with … [Read more...]

The carcinogens in third hand smoke

It is an undeniable fact based on irrevocable evidence. Cigarette smoke is bad for our health and can cause cancer. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, and 250 of these are poisonous … [Read more...]

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