Eat All That Chocolate

Are you craving chocolate yet?  What if I told you not to eat it and that it would make you fat?  Now how do you feel about eating it?  Are you mad-jonesing for it? That’s what a recent study found.  … [Read more...]

How to have a happy and healthy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. That is why I’ve brought you today a round-up of what I feel are useful tips for a healthy and safe Halloween. Halloween candy: Facts and myths There are … [Read more...]

Easter chocolate: small and dark is healthy

Just in time for Easter! Researchers at the German Institute of Human Nutrition say it is okay –actually healthy - to eat chocolate this Easter – as long as they are small and dark. How … [Read more...]

Chocolate against stress?

Chocolate has always been considered a major enemy of healthy living. But recent studies show that thre might be a good side to this dark temptation. In the third book of the Harry Potter series … [Read more...]

The dark side of chocolate: healthy and heart-friendly

Resource post for January Have you ever looked at the chocolate section in the supermarket lately? I'm sure many of us do not, to avoid temptation. After all, chocolate is the number enemy of … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate and Flavanols

It's amazing what can spark a topic for a blog post. Here's today's inspiration. Dove Rich Dark Chocolate. I actually am facing down the large tablet bar myself. But do you see that little label … [Read more...]

Chocolate For Cancer?

That's right. Chocolate for cancer. This story certainly perked up my ears. A recent study from Georgetown University has shown that the same cocoa beans used to make chocolate have a chemical which … [Read more...]

Pride Before The Fall: Baking

I wrote this yesterday, it was intended to give you a smile to begin your week. Thanks to raving children and blustery weather that knocked out my power a few times, you will have your laugh … [Read more...]

The Big Book Of Diabetic Desserts

I just do not know how it could get any better. Really, I don’t. I received the press release and a copy of The Big Book Of Diabetic Desserts by Jackie Mills, MS, RD and I could not be happier! This … [Read more...]

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