Is it chemo brain or something else?

Chemo brain is common complain among cancer survivors who underwent chemotherapy. It is a condition described as “a mental fog and inability to concentrate that persist long after treatment” and has … [Read more...]

Cancer vs. Aging: take your pick

It is one of those biological paradoxes: what protects us from cancer early in life accelerate aging that makes us more susceptible to cancer later in life. This is according to a study by researchers … [Read more...]

Green tea blocks effect of cancer drug Velcade

Green tea has been has been hailed as the wonder drink with health benefits ranging from to cardiovascular protection to anti-cancer properties. Tea contains large amounts of antioxidants that protect … [Read more...]

Fruit and veggies and cancer prevention

Bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics. And tumor cells develop resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs. This resistance to chemotherapy is the leading cause of death in cancer patients. There's … [Read more...]

Know your carcinogens: the latest on BPA

Resource Post for November Ever since it hit the news late last year, bisphenol A (BPA) is getting more and more notorious. The latest development in the BPA story is this - researchers at the … [Read more...]

Hair or There

Hair loss during chemotherapy is a hugely overwhelming issue on top of everything else going on in the cancer patient's life. The approach to the topic is as individual as your cancer treatment … [Read more...]

Cancer, Chemo and Sex

I have been asked recently whether frequent guest-poster Amanda is my outspoken secret identity. The answer is, "No." Amanda is very much a real person, and you'll soon be able to see her writing on a … [Read more...]

Battling Cancer asks: Can You Put a Price on Life?

Today's guest commentary is by Amanda, a cancer research scientist, on the high cost of anti-cancer drugs. Can you put a price on life? What a complex and interesting question, and one that I have … [Read more...]

Breast cancer patient gives birth while undergoing chemotherapy

Moving from a state inhabited by less than 2 million people to a city that's home to more than twice those numbers is quite a shock, and little drives that point home more for me than the news.  Since … [Read more...]

Taking pills with food, grapefruit juice may be promising way to cut prescription costs for cancer patients

New studies reveal a promising new ways to keep prescription drug costs down for cancer patients -- and it could be just as easy as taking pills on a full stomach rather than an empty one as … [Read more...]

Finding treasure in toxic waste: potential anti-cancer drugs isolated in cesspool

Nutritional polyphenol antioxidants have have been enjoying a renaissance of sorts in the arena of cancer drug development, and the evidence of the downstream ripples lies in the long list of … [Read more...]

Breaking developments in combination therapy and new chemotherapeutics

Hi everyone, As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow is first day of volunteer orientation at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. MDA is nestled within the depths of the The Texas Medical Center, a system of … [Read more...]

Chemotherapy Treatment Options for Breast Cancer

Experts agree that for most breast cancer cases, chemotherapy is not the first treatment of choice. But for those for whom it is appropriate, it can provide effective, long term results. Chemotherapy … [Read more...]

4 Steps for You to Help Yourself During Chemotherapy

By Dave Saunders Chemotherapy is a word that causes dread in most who hear it. It is a time of stress as well as risk. If you, or someone you know, are facing chemotherapy, these four simple steps … [Read more...]

Walking Positively Forward Through Chemotherapy

By June Carr There is nothing more important in life than our health. Yes, it’s more important than money, since without it, we may not be able to work or earn a living, and with it, we can … [Read more...]

Adverse Effects of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

By Michael Russell Undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer patients will definitely increase overall survival; the occurrence of adverse events is inevitable. Of all the side effects of … [Read more...]

Green Tea’s Influence On Chemotherapy

By Marcus Stout For the last several years, there has been an abundance of research on the effects of green tea and its possible ability to prevent cancer. There has been a lot of focus on Asian … [Read more...]

10 Home Remedies for Chemotherapy Side Effects

By Donna Parra This is my second "go round" with cancer and chemotherapy, this time I'm much more educated in helping myself deal with side effects and would like to pass my remedies on to … [Read more...]

Reflexology and Chemotherapy

Reflexology and Chemotherapy By Amy Brennan Reflexology is a gentle non intrusive treatment carried out upon the feet alone, using reflex points that correspond to the body systems. Reflexology is … [Read more...]

Cancer drug may end side effects

Last Updated: Friday, 31 March 2006, 11:35 GMT 12:35 UK A new device for cancer patients could end the side effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss and vomiting, researchers say. The revolutionary … [Read more...]

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