Help Little Sophie In Her Battle Against Stage 4 Bone Cancer

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Movember – Health and cooking tips to fight cancer: BBQ Grilling Meat

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Nutritionist Beth Ginsberg shows … [Read more...]

Gear up for Charity Runs This Spring

I am getting kind of impatient with this heart problem of mine. The sooner my heart rhythm is back to normal, the sooner I can train. There are several local charity runs I am interested in but can’t … [Read more...]

Fundraising for dementia research: a million for a million

When you think about companies giving to charity, you wouldn't think of a budget airline company as being among the generous, right? Wrong! easyJet, one of Europe's budget carrier has just announced … [Read more...]

Running for a cause, running for the cure

It's running season again. Nowadays, I go for family-oriented runs. I have to because I run with my two six-year old boys. Yet, there was a time when I used to run for charity. For a cause. I used … [Read more...]

News from the cancer side November 28

MAKE TODAY A PINK FRIDAY!!! News from the retail side Pink Friday The retailer giant Systemax is painting Black Friday Pink for the second year in a row. Systemax owns CompUSA and TigerDirect which … [Read more...]

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