Are you allergic to your cell phone?

We have covered before the most bizarre forms of allergies but this one is something for the books. The symptoms: itchiness and rashes in the areas of the jaw, face and ears which appear after … [Read more...]

The health hazards of phoning while driving

We all know we are not supposed to be doing it – handheld phoning and driving at the same time. Yet we do it all the time. On the Swiss highway, there is big sign from the police: “If you keep on … [Read more...]

Interphone results: are we any closer to the truth about cell phones and brain tumors?

Last month, the US FDA issued a consumer update on the health risks of cell phone use based on the latest Interphone International Study Group results. The Interphone studies were initiated in 2000 in … [Read more...]

Cell phones with the least and most radiation

A few months back, I posted several articles on the link between phone radiation and brain cancer risk. Those reviews presented the results of studies with inconclusive and sometimes contradictory … [Read more...]