Mickey Mehta’s Health Tip (Leg toning exercises)

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/v/ejEJTq1W1Xs?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata www.zoomtv.in Proper leg … [Read more...]

Surrogacy: the new trend in reproductive tourism

Surrogacy, something which was quite taboo just a few years ago, has become quite acceptable, even mainstream. This may be partly due to the publicity that celebrities like Rick Martin to Elton John, … [Read more...]

Cancer celebrity news, 21 January

Steve Jobs went to Switzerland in search of cancer treatment I guess the biggest cancer news this week is the announcement that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence for health reasons. … [Read more...]

Celebrity health advice: with a grain of salt, please

When it comes to health advice, who would you believe best? Ophra or your doctor? Apparently, for many people, the answer to this seemingly simple question is not so clear. We have seen how health … [Read more...]

Do celebrity patients increase cancer awareness?

Millions suffer from cancer but only the plight of celebrity cancer patients are splashed on the headlines. Below I describe two famous cancer victims and how they influenced actively or inadvertently … [Read more...]

Cancer in the headlines, October 23

Enjoy the quiet weekend before Halloween... Celebrities on cancer Cindy Crawford's cancer fears over signature facial mole Her face is well-known all over the world, including the mole that adorns … [Read more...]

Celebrities speak up for health

It takes a famous voice, face or name to catch people’s attention. It takes a celebrity to increase awareness. Which is why these three ladies are using their celebrity status to educate the people on … [Read more...]

Heart(y) celebrity weekend events, September 11

A celebrity-studded healthy weekend is waiting for us as stars share their time and experiences for heart-healthy causes. Saturday: Go Red For Women® premieres NBC TV special Let’s  start with the … [Read more...]

Hear the World!

Rod Stewart, Franka Potente, Diane Kruger and most recently Laura Pausini, these are just some of the many celebrities who are ambassadors of the "Hear the World", featured in an exhibition of … [Read more...]

Tobacco-free sports: “Their only addiction is the game”

Have you seen the number of young people around you who smoke? This is despite the tobacco ad bans and anti-smoking legislations in many countries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and … [Read more...]

TV shows and celebrities for the heart

This month, let's feature two celebrities who are active in the battle against heart disease - Go for Red Women celebrities Toni Braxton and Marie Osmond. Toni Braxton Let's welcome back Toni Braxton. … [Read more...]

Check out the New York Wine & Food Festival

We are what we eat and drink. And where else can we check out the latest on gastronomy than at the New York City Wine & Food Festival on October 9 to 12, 2008. Now, you might want to ask, what … [Read more...]

Weight-loss reality show holds local casting call

My wife emailed me this little blurb in today's paper ... I wonder if she's trying to tell me something? Hmmm Fri Feb 16 2007 THE producers of a weight-loss reality-TV show are holding an open … [Read more...]

This Is What Jennifer Lopez Would Look Like IF She Was Fat

source http://www.greenchair.net/funny/celebrity-beauties.htm … [Read more...]

This is What Catherine Zeta-Jones Would Look Like IF She Was Fat

SOURCE: http://www.greenchair.net/funny/celebrity-beauties.htm … [Read more...]

This Is What Gwyneth Paltrow Would Look Like IF She Was Fat

SOURCE: http://www.greenchair.net/funny/celebrity-beauties.htm … [Read more...]

This is What Elizabeth Hurley Would Look Look Like IF She Was Fat

SOURCE: http://www.greenchair.net/funny/celebrity-beauties.htm … [Read more...]

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