Caregivers deserve to have fun, too – here’s how

It is a sad fact but while people are partying and celebrating during the holiday season, some people are especially put under stress at this time of the year that can lead to burn out and depression. … [Read more...]

The Essence of Caregiving – LOVE

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees as the old saying goes, and sometimes, as caregivers, we get so wrapped up in solving problems, putting out fires, going to doctor’s appointments and … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Kitchen–Make a Menu Plan

Your kitchen is safe, uncluttered and organized. Now, let's turn our attention to maximizing your time and efforts so that you can actually spend less time in the kitchen and get more done in other … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Kitchen–

Now, that your kitchen is safe, let's get to the business of getting organized for maximum effectiveness. Note: Caregivers who are responsible for meal preparation, sometimes feel as if they spend … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Kitchen-Safety First!

So, are you getting control of your clutter? How's the organization coming along? Here's what we've covered so far. Why Get Organized? General Organization 101 Caregiver Organization Books and … [Read more...]

Conquering the Clutter in Your Closets

My excuse is that I need more closet space. Be it the kitchen, hallway, spare room or my bedroom, I just don't have enough closet space. Of course, the problem with that argument is that I know … [Read more...]

General Organization 101

Yesterday, we talked about why caregivers need to get organized. The primary benefits were the time to be saved because of he decreased need to search for misplaced items and time saved in cleaning … [Read more...]

What is Hospice Care?

As your loved one comes to the end stages of Alzheimer's disease, you will have to make some very difficult decisions. Over the next few days, I'm going to talk about hospice care, what it is and … [Read more...]

Lessons Children and Teens Learn from Caregiving

 A quick search on your favorite search engine will certainly lead you to information and services for caregivers.  However, you will have to dig a little deeper to figure out how Alzheimer's disease … [Read more...]

Caregiver’s Corner–Drink to Your Health

According to the Alzheimer's Association, 70% of the 5.2 million Americans living with Alzheimer's disease live at home where family and friends take care of them.  So, you are in good company, there … [Read more...]

Caregiver’s Corner–Get HELP

While college students plan their parties and high school students consider their weekend options; while your coworkers give thought to what movie they'll see this weekend and family members consider … [Read more...]

Incontinence Products

For the last couple of days, we have been talking about incontinence.  It's not a pleasant subject, but it is definitely one that deserves attention as nearly all people affected with Alzheimer's … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Disease and Incontinence

Yesterday, we talked about the fact that incontinence and Alzheimer's disease are companions. Today, I want us to investigate incontinence a little deeper. We'll look at types of incontinence and … [Read more...]

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do….Dealing With Incontinence

Happy Monday! Did you get some REST over the weekend?  I hope you did, cuz Monday isn't comin' it is here.  Which means, if you are in the sandwich generation, it's time to deal with school, extra … [Read more...]

Caregiver’s Corner…Get Some REST

Dear Caregiver, It's Friday and the weekend is coming.  If you're like I was there is no such thing as a weekend, the days just meld together into one v-e-r-y long day.  Your activities may be a … [Read more...]

Dude, What’s Going On With Grandpa? Talking With Teens About Alzheimer’s Disease

Teenage years are already complicated ones.  Toss in a grandparent or close relative with Alzheimer's disease and the issues of driving, varsity sports, the latest fashions, gadgets, acne, social … [Read more...]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive With Alzheimer’s

It's not their fault, but people with Alzheimer's should not be driving.  I know that is not a popular position, and there are probably a few situations when the disease is still in the early stages, … [Read more...]

I Wonder as She Wanders

Battling Alzheimer's Disease and its Compatriot Wandering By nature, I am a pretty even tempered person. Not much gets under my skin. However, my mother’s wandering really got to me. She’d gather … [Read more...]

Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s Disease! What’s a Caregiver to do?

You may have suspected, but now you know for sure.  It is a scary and uncertain time, but there are some things you can do now and into the future to make things a little easier as  you advocate and … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Disease in the Blogosphere, 2/18/08

We don't call Alzheimer's disease "the Monster" for nothing. As recent blog posts suggest, Alzheimer's terrifies many people. For some, any possible advance in research and treatment is grasped like a … [Read more...]

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