`Tis the season for heart attacks?

‘Tis the season for joy and cheers ... and cardiac events. Okay, I don't want to dampen your high spirits during the holidays but it has been shown again and again that there is a distinct spike in … [Read more...]

The power to predict a heart attack may be right at your fingertips

Could it be that predicting a cardiac event is as easy as raising a finger? Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have studied and seemed be quite satisfied with a test that is simple and noninvasive but is … [Read more...]

Is there sex life after a heart attack?

Resource Post for March Now, more than ever, patients with heart disease are much longer but unfortunately their quality of life is not necessarily better. The latest medical advances save people's … [Read more...]

Football is fun – but dangerous to your heart

Major sports events are fun - but also dangerous for the heart and the blood vessels of the fans. I have just lived through another major sports tournament this year - the European Football … [Read more...]

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