Coming soon: blood test for depression?

The quest for biomarkers for certain disorders and diseased has kept biomedical scientists busy in recent years. Their efforts have borne fruit in the discovery of biomarkers in the blood that help in … [Read more...]

Allergy test for your newborn

When I became mom seven years ago, I was very much concerned about allergies. My family has a history of asthma and I do get hives and hay fever from the time to time though the allergens have never … [Read more...]

Is this new test a better alternative to PSA?

With the current controversy related to the unreliability of the PSA test, the news of a new promising blood test to detect prostate cancer is very welcome. PSA stands for prostate-specific … [Read more...]

In the making: blood test for Alzheimer’s disease

Diagnosing Alzheimer's disease is often a problematic process. Over the years, the field of biotechnology has tried to come up with screening and testing methods that can help identify this disease. … [Read more...]

New blood test evaluates response to breast cancer treatment – fast

It's quite frustrating really. It normally takes several weeks or even months to find out if a particular cancer treatment is working. Doctors normally rely on computer tomography (CT) scans or … [Read more...]

A blood test to detect heart attacks

Can you recognize the signs of a heart attack? Although heart attacks can happen suddenly accompanied by the unmistakable chest pain - basically the attacks portrayed in films - most heart attacks … [Read more...]

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