Preview into heart(y) events in February

Instead of our usual Friday heart(y) news roundup, let's have a peek into our schedule for February. Upcoming heart(y) awarenesss events for February February is a special month because it has been … [Read more...]

January is US National Cervical Health Awareness Month

Ladies, when was the last time you visited your gynecologist? If it was more than three years ago, then it is time to set another appointment. In honor of the National Cervical Health Awareness Month, … [Read more...]

CVD News Watch October 31

Happy Halloween, everyone. Here is your heart news round up for this week. Plus a couple of reminders: Watch your sweets intake! And for the Americans, don't forget to vote. CVD heart treatment … [Read more...]

Stepping up on awareness of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

They are among the lesser known cardiovascular disorders but they are just as dangerous as the others and can cause disability and death. That's the reason why the US Department of Health and Human … [Read more...]

Diabetes News, Weekend Edition

Hope you're having a great weekend. Here's what's new in the world of diabetes care, events and all the etcetera I could find.  By the way...  Are You Walking Boston?          2008 Boston Walk to … [Read more...]

Resource post for September: National Cholesterol Awareness Month

September is National Cholesterol Awareness Month (American Heart Association [AHA]) or National Cholesterol Education Month (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute [NHLBI]). It is therefore … [Read more...]

Do you know your risk for heart disease?

Do you have an undiagnosed risk for developing cardiovascular disease (CVD)? You think it's highly unlikely? Well, think again. According to a British study, one in three people with high … [Read more...]

June’s Heart(y) Celebrity – Toni Braxton: Battling heart disease from within and from without

She is not your typical heart patient: she is young, physically fit, and slim. But musical performer and Grammy-award winner Toni Braxton knows how it feels to battle the monster that is heart … [Read more...]

It’s National CPR/AED Awareness Week

Do you know how to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use an an automated external defibrillator (AED)? Do you know how to act in an emergency to help save a life? As part of the … [Read more...]

Resource for May: National Blood Pressure Awareness Month

When was the last time you had your blood pressure (BP) checked? Do you know the difference between systole BP and diastole BP and what BP measurements mean for your health? Do you know your risk … [Read more...]

May is High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

May is High Blood Pressure Awareness Month, as initiated by the American Heart Association (AHA). More details soon! … [Read more...]

Spring Cancer Events

Spring is in the air! Many cancer support organizations are gearing up for warm weather events. Consider participating, donating dollars or volunteering your time to support these … [Read more...]

Multiple Sclerosis – How You Can Help

By Lance Winslow MS or Multiple Sclerosis is something that affects one in every 1,000 people in America. It is quite serious and the body's own immune system is the culprit, as it attacks the body's … [Read more...]

The Big FIVE-O

Time to start screening for colon/colorectal cancer. NOW! The Facts: March is National Colon/Colorectal Awareness Month. The lifetime risk for being diagnosed with colorectal cancer is 1 in … [Read more...]

Volunteer for breast cancer: Six ways you can start today!

I've been fortunate in the last month to be blessed with some really good circumstances: a relocation to a new city with great opportunities, employment in a situation that lets me blend the two … [Read more...]

Curing Stress – Techniques

No doubt it's impractical to try to 'cure' stress in the sense of eliminating all occurrences. But there are several practical short-term and effective long-term strategies for minimizing it and its … [Read more...]

9 Myths of Multiple Sclerosis

F.Y.I. I have updated the links recently on our Battling-MS Myths page ... * special thanks to Michael T. Vitale of the National M.S. Society of New York … [Read more...]

Understand Multiple Sclerosis To Fight It

By Jon Arnold Most people do not realize how wide-spread the affliction of multiple sclerosis is in today’s world. It affects tens of thousands of people, but it is one of those diseases where a very … [Read more...]

What Does It Mean To Be Depressed?

By Steve Thayer Depression is an overused word to describe how someone may be feeling. It is often used to describe moments of sadness or disappointment, where those descriptions may be more on … [Read more...]

Do Not Accept Depression as a Normal Part of Aging

By Connie Limon Depression is not a part of getting older. If you are one in the senior age groups and you are feeling more depressed today than yesterday and days before yesterday try to determine … [Read more...]

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