5 Weight Loss Myth Busters

By Nick Farina Myth #1 - Low intensity exercise is the best form for weight loss as it puts you into a fat burning zone. FACT – Your body uses a mixture of carbohydrates and fat for fuel. It is true … [Read more...]

Test Your Knowledge With The Obesity Quiz

A reader has forwarded to me the following: Dear Webmaster, I would like to suggest a resource for your site, Battling-Obesity.com. It seems a lot of your readers are interested in being healthy … [Read more...]

What If Your Doctor Said You’re Obese?

By Bentley Thompson If you were told by your doctor that you are significantly overweight, would it have been surprizing to you? Most certainly not; you already would (or should) have known. You have … [Read more...]

Weight-loss reality show holds local casting call

My wife emailed me this little blurb in today's paper ... I wonder if she's trying to tell me something? Hmmm Fri Feb 16 2007 THE producers of a weight-loss reality-TV show are holding an open … [Read more...]