The link between Alzheimer’s and mad cow disease

Could there be a link between Alzheimer's disease and mad cow disease? Most likely, according to researchers at Yale University. And the link seems to be in the proteins called prions that are … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Alzheimer’s Care Facility for Your Loved One

No one likes to think that they will put their loved one in a nursing home one day. Unfortunately, most Alzheimers patients eventually will need to be placed in an Alzheimers care facility. Because … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Disease Information for Patients and Families

With millions of people around the world caught in its grasp, Alzheimers is a disease whose implications are still being felt. Sneaking in and slowing removing a person's ability to recall, function … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Mirrors and Anxiety

A disturbing phenomenon sometimes occurs in a person in mid-stage Alzheimer's. It is totally frustrating to the caregiver who doesn't understand what's happening, and it is terrifying to the person … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Sex (part 2)

Okay, so let's finish this conversation. Like I said the other day, if you want to see anyone on the caregiving spectrum from a teenager to an adult child blush-talk about their loved one's sex … [Read more...]

Why Get Organized?

Have you ever wanted everything around you to stop for a period of time, say a day, week month or longer, just so that you could get a handle on all that you have to do? Wouldn't that be the best … [Read more...]

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Partners in Crime

Initially, it was chalked up to age. It was almost expected that a person with Alzheimer's disease also suffered from diabetes or some other illness. The thought was that the person was aging and … [Read more...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hospice Care

This week, I am discussing hospice care. I've talked about what it is and isn't and what it does and does not do. In addition, yesterday, I discussed some of the myths and misconceptions of hospice … [Read more...]

To Tell or Not to Tell

This post discusses the merits of telling (or not telling) the affected person that he or she has Alzheimer's disease. Once Alzheimer's disease is officially diagnosed, the primary caregiver and close … [Read more...]

Caregivers Corner – An Open Letter to Caregivers

Dear Caregiver, Thank you for the sacrifice that you make to care of me.  Thank you for preparing my meals, driving me to doctor's appointments and keeping me safe.  Thank you for keeping me clean … [Read more...]

Brain Games and Other Activities

This post discusses brain games and other activities that may delay the onset and reduce the impact of Alzheimer's disease and dementias I want to say off the bat that I am quite familiar with … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver Grief

There is no getting away from it, battling the monster, Alzheimer's disease causes grief on a number of different levels.  It's extremely complicated, but it's also necessary to acknowledge and work … [Read more...]

Stages 3 and 4 Alzheimer’s Disease-Caregiver Response

Last week I talked about how to know if it's Alzheimer's disease and I ended the segment on Thursday with a discussion about stages one and two.  I promised that, for this week, I'd finish up the … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Disease-Testing and Diagnosis

This is the third post in a series looking at how do you know if its Alzheimer's disease?  The first two posts, Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease and Alzheimer's and Dementia-the Differences laid a … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s and Dementia-The Differences

The terms dementia and Alzheimer's are often used interchangeably.  In fact, dementia is not Alzheimer's and Alzheimer's is not dementia, although, they are certainly related. For example, let's say … [Read more...]

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do….Dealing With Incontinence

Happy Monday! Did you get some REST over the weekend?  I hope you did, cuz Monday isn't comin' it is here.  Which means, if you are in the sandwich generation, it's time to deal with school, extra … [Read more...]

Dude, What’s Going On With Grandpa? Talking With Teens About Alzheimer’s Disease

Teenage years are already complicated ones.  Toss in a grandparent or close relative with Alzheimer's disease and the issues of driving, varsity sports, the latest fashions, gadgets, acne, social … [Read more...]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive With Alzheimer’s

It's not their fault, but people with Alzheimer's should not be driving.  I know that is not a popular position, and there are probably a few situations when the disease is still in the early stages, … [Read more...]

I Wonder as She Wanders

Battling Alzheimer's Disease and its Compatriot Wandering By nature, I am a pretty even tempered person. Not much gets under my skin. However, my mother’s wandering really got to me. She’d gather … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Disease in the Blogosphere, 2/18/08

We don't call Alzheimer's disease "the Monster" for nothing. As recent blog posts suggest, Alzheimer's terrifies many people. For some, any possible advance in research and treatment is grasped like a … [Read more...]

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